Prepared Salad-GRO-WELL SALADS


Prepared Salad

Garden Salad - this mix is a delicious combination of radicchio, frisee and lambs lettuce. The bespoke selection of red and green leaves provides a colourful blend of taste and texture.


Radicchio - distinctive pink-red leaves with white veins. its leaves are denser than lettuce leaves with a nice crisp chewiness. the leaves have a sharp and pungent flavour.


Frisee - is bright to light green pale yellow to white at its core The lacy green leaves offer a slightly bitter flavor and tender texture.


Lambs Lettuce - Sometimes known as Corn Salad, lambs lettuce has oval shaped dark green leaves, a distinctive, nutty flavour and soft, velvety texture.


Washed and ready to eat

Keep refrigerated.

Eat within 24 hours of opening